Online-Only Auctions

Buyers and Sellers alike have embraced the online auction.

At Amy Martin Auctions, we may recommend the online auction method because it is often the best solution for both our Sellers and Buyers, and the Atlanta buying public has been extremely responsive.

On the seller’s side:


  • Through our strategic marketing via internet, print, email and telephone, we are able to reach the largest audience of potential bidders at the lowest cost which is a great up-front cost savings to the seller.
  • Another benefit to the seller is that, often, we do not have to move or transport items for sale and can conduct the auction on-site which is more efficient in time and expense.
  • Logistically, we are able to schedule previews over several hours and we can schedule pickup by appointment only to facilitate the smooth flow of people. Crowd control is easy and efficient with the online method.

Getting the Word Out.

  • We know exactly how many people have clicked through to our emails, how many views the auction page receives, how many registered bidders there are days before the auction is scheduled to end.
  • We have more certainty that we have brought the buying public to the auction which means we achieve the highest probability that your items will bring market price or better.

Amy Martin Auctions wants to help you sell your assets today. Call us at (404) 734-3606 to learn more about how we can serve you with an online or conventional auction. We look forward to working with you!

On the buyer’s side:


You can bid anytime of the day or night from anywhere including your mobile device. You have plenty of time to research the items of interest and you can still view them in person during our previews (unlike eBay or Etsy, for example). Once you have taken an inventory of your purchases, you can decide how big a truck you need for pick up!

Auction prices.

As with any auction, you decide exactly how much you are willing to pay and can even set a maximum bid amount and the system will bid for you incrementally if there are other bidders interested in the same item.

Auction Feeling.

Unlike eBay, with our online auction platform there is no “sniping” where another buyer can program software to bid higher than you at the last second. With our platform, a new high bid will extend the bidding time for another minute or 2 so you don’t lose out on desired items.

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