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    Trader J’s Lawrenceville Estates and Eclectic Auction

    In partnership with Trader J’s, another great auction featuring 200+ lots of High end furniture and Estate Items!

    Featuring Bob Timberlake King size bedroom suite, Slot Machines, Ethan Allen dining room table & chairs, Beautiful detailed painted furniture, wicker, concrete & metal patio sets, Horse trailer and much more! (more…)

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    Trader J’s Lawrenceville Estates and Eclectic Auction

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    Innovative Candy Concepts, Inc Liquidation Auction

    Innovative Candy Concepts, Inc. is liquidating to the highest bidder, their factory equipment. There is an assortment of food manufacturing and packaging equipment, and also a fabricated office cubicle building with all its parts except for the a/c units.

    They’ve been in business since the ‘90’s, and have taken great care of their machines. These are specialty items, and we’ve done our best to represent them here accurately.

    If you have any questions, please call Kate Cooley at 925-324-2371.
    Make sure to make the preview, and please note, there is only 1 day for load out!

    Thank you!

    Auction Calendar:

    Auction Goes Live:         Sunday 6/14       6:00PM

    Auction Starts to Close: Wednesday 6/24   10:00am

    Auction Goes Live: Sunday 6/14 6:00PM
    Preview:  Monday 6/22 10am-12pm

    4215 H Wendell Dr Atlanta
    Auction Starts to Close: Wednesday 6/24 10:00am

    Pick Up:    Friday 6/26          9:00am-3:00pm
    There is a 24ft box truck limit in this facility-nothing longer than that will fit.Pick Up:  Friday 6/26 9:00am-3:00pm


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    Innovative Candy Concepts, Inc Liquidation Auction

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    Chamblee Furniture Restoration Business Liquidation Auction

    Address for PREVIEW and PICKUP:
    3660 N. Peachtree Road
    Chamblee, GA 30341
    Chamblee Furniture Restoration Business Liquidation….long time antiques restoration business closing due to retirement. Beautiful restored pieces of antique furniture. (more…)
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    Chamblee Furniture Restoration Business Liquidation Auction


Benefit Auctions

Amy Martin will work with your non-profit organizations to captivate and inspire your audience so that they truly have fun giving their donations during your fundraising benefit. Amy knows how important every dollar raised is to your charity. She will devote her passion and enthusiasm to your event, adding entertainment and gamesmanship with the goal […]

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Estate Auctions, Business Liquidations & Appraisals

If you have a small business or family estate that you wish to liquidate, we offer full service appraisals and auction services. We can also do complete business liquidation and personal property auction services for banks, trustees, and estate executors. Amy Martin’s team is expert at handling both online and live auctions to reach the […]

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Real Estate Auctions

The adage that “time equals money” certainly applies to the real estate auction business. Although real estate auctions traditionally have been reserved to sell distressed properties or for foreclosure sales, more and more property is coming to auction because it is the most cost-effective and time-sensitive method to sell real estate. In 1999, as a newly […]

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About Amy Martin Auctioneer


Amy Martin of Auction Management Corporation and Amy Martin Auctions has been conducting auctions for 17+ years since graduating from the Missouri Auction School. Amy is a licensed Auctioneer and Real Estate Salesperson with Auction Management Corporation in the state of GA. She is the Vice-President of the Georgia Auctioneer’s Association and the 2014 Georgia State Champion in the Annual Big Peach Classic Bid Calling Contest.

Amy and her team offer an array of auction services including Benefit Auctions, Real Estate and Entire Estate or Business Liquidation. She is a long standing member of the National Auctioneers Association and past board member of the California Auctioneers Association. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Auctioneers Association.

Amy is a Certified Estate Specialist and a Benefit Auction Specialist. She is also a candidate for Accredited Auctioneer in Real Estate and Graduate Personal Property Appraisal through the NAA.

We are happy to provide references from our many pleased customers! For more information:

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